About Us

Hello friend,

Here at Tonephile, we like to think that despite what life has thrown at us, we have great gear. No regular paying jobs? That’s all right, we got great gear. No girlfriend? Shoot, who cares? Our gear is awesome. Sadly, it didn’t quite get this way overnight.

It took years of depression, maladjusted lifestyles, and piles of credit card debt to get it just right. Add in several years of Young modifying anything he could get his hands on and several embarrassing years for myself thinking that the best tone on earth was a brand name Phaser, and you have an environment ripe for tone enlightenment.

Fortunately for all of us, in the sweaty summer of 2009, God gave us inspiration. Why mod our gear when we can just make better? Since then, a lot has happened, including the passing of our dearest friend & co-founder Young Lee. We miss Young dearly, but we also know that his legacy and DNA (sometimes quite literally) live on in the work that we do and the products that we create.