Although we only [currently] have one product, we are darn proud of it. Our flagship pedal, the Puredrive, is a high-quality, pure overdrive unit that achieves an incredibly transparent break-up that doesn’t mask the most important part of a player’s chain – their fingers.

Through a unique signal path, high-quality parts, and an ultra clean power supply, we feel like we’ve achieved that perfect balance between clarity and color.

Oh, and who doesn’t love tweed?


  • True Bypass
  • Independent Volume, Bass, Treble, and Drive Controls
  • 9v battery operation or standard DC adapter
  • Runs on 18v for More Headroom
  • 4 in (W) x 4.75 in (L) x 2 in (H)

Helpful Tips

Controls from left to right: Volume, Bass, Treble, Drive.

Cutting both the treble and bass tone controls to ~9 o’clock provides a very sweet and smooth mid boost. Adjusting controls less or more can then vary the level of the mid boost to desire.

Boosting both treble and bass tone controls to ~3 o’clock provides a very scooped sound.

Don’t be afraid to use the tone controls! There is no wrong way to use them – they are meant to be musical and transparent.

When the drive control is at 0 db and volume control is at max, the Puredrive becomes a basic buffer with optional tone control.

Because of the level of detail and transparency the Puredrive provides, the initial sound might be overwhelming. If this is uncomfortable, then gently rolling off the treble a bit will smooth out the top end without losing both the all-important midrange of the guitar and the player’s touch.

Price: [yak_price]


Puredrives Ship Free!